Collect and Use Feedback from Your Students

Do You Know What Your Students Know?

Would you like additional hands-on practice and support?

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How prepared are your students when they first enter your classroom?

Do they really understand that concept you just taught?

What can you do when your questions about last week’s assignment are met with blank stares?

Collecting formative feedback can be a quick and easy strategy for improving student learning as well as improving your teaching effectiveness. In this session, learn how collecting feedback from students throughout the semester can help you better prepare your classes, clarify misconceptions, explain challenging concepts, and move students forward in the learning process.

As a result of attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain the concept and benefits of formative feedback;
  • Consider various strategies and techniques for collecting and using formative feedback; and
  • Identify a few formative feedback strategies you can try in your next class.

Session Date

  • 1/13/2016

    Wednesday, 12-1 p.m.
    Delphi Center Lab

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Presenter Bio

Nisha Gupta, Ph.D., has been teaching women’s and gender studies, philosophy, peace studies, and critical theory for close to 15 years, previously at Syracuse University. Since coming to UofL in 2009 as part of the Ideas to Action (i2a) team, Nisha has been developing a knowledge and research base in critical thinking, assessment of student learning, and reflective writing. She is the point person for the Culminating Undergraduate Experience, also known as the “CUE,” which is part of the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

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