Delphi U 2015 Application

Delphi U is free for faculty and seating is limited. Applications have closed for the May session. The deadline to apply for the June session has been extended to Monday, April 20. Please complete the form below.

All fields are required on this application.

Applicant's Information
UofL email preferred.
The number found on your Cardinal Card
Tom A. Smith's Blackboard Logon is TASMIT01
Faculty Status
Please use the format (###) ###-####
UofL phone number preferred.
Which Delphi U session do you prefer to attend?
Home Mailing Address
Your Future Online Course

Online courses are those courses that are listed in the Schedule of Courses as a section 50-59 and designated as an online class in the schedule of courses. According to this definition, which course are you planning to teach online?

Required. Example: COMM-111-50

Blackboard Proficiency

Due to the various skill levels of faculty using Blackboard, it is required that you show proficiency in the Blackboard system. The workshop will address issues with the assumption that you have a basic working knowledge of Blackboard. A Blackboard Basics training is offered on an as needed/requested basis. If you would like to schedule a Blackboard Basics training please contact Linda Leake at 502.852.4332. At a later date you will be contacted to demonstrate your Blackboard competency in the form of a Blackboard Basics Test. An online Blackboard competency course will be made available to you should you feel the need for a review. At the completion of this test, the Delphi Center will receive and verify your score. Those who do not show competency will be required to meet with the Delphi Center to determine how best to proceed.


You may bring your personal laptop should you desire, but we ask that you ensure you can connect to the wireless network, UL Secure, and for your judicious use of them during the sessions. Should you prefer, we can supply you with a laptop, but please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make appropriate arrangements. We appreciate your cooperation in making Delphi U successful.


A $500 incentive will be rewarded to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Attend all Delphi U sessions
  • Teach a new or revised fully online course within a year of attending Delphi U and
  • Submit and successfully pass a review of your course by a team in the Delphi Center

To successfully pass the review you will need to:

  • Permit access to your course to the review team in the Delphi Center
  • Identify ways Quality Matters (QM) principles (all eight General Standards), introduced during the workshop, were incorporated into your online course
  • Describe the impact those principles had on the outcome of your course

All Delphi U sessions, for one offering, will be audio recorded using Tegrity (UofL’s audio capture software). This will enable participants to review content presented during Delphi U at any time in the future.

I understand and agree that Delphi U sessions will be recorded and posted to Tegrity.
Your Department Head's Information

We need the support of your department head. When you submit this application, your department head will receive an e-mail they must reply to giving their support of your attendance at Delphi U. The e-mail will read as follows:

(Your name here) has applied to attend Delphi U in May or June 2015. Delphi U is designed to give faculty the tools they need to design a fully online course. By completing the Delphi U application, the applicant agrees to teach a new fully online course or enhance a current fully online course in an upcoming semester between summer 2015 and summer 2016 after attending Delphi U, based on what the applicant learns. By replying to this email, you show both your support for this faculty member to attend Delphi U and your commitment to offer a fully online course within the next academic year. If you have any questions, please contact Deb Hatfield at 502.852.0412.

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