Belknap Course Design Institute

Designing Your Courses for More Significant Learning


Thursday, February 8, 2018
9 – 11 a.m.


Belknap Campus
Teaching Innovation Learning Lab
Ekstrom Library, Room 302

Most college teachers would like their courses to be an experience in which their students achieve some kind of significant learning that lasts. But, we feel frustrated and uncertain about how to get that to happen – for more students, more of the time.

This workshop will (a) expand participants’ vision of the kinds of learning that are possible and (b) familiarize participants with a process for designing courses for Significant Learning (i.e., learning that truly makes a difference in the way students think, act and feel after college).

In this workshop, we will:

  • Examine the place of instructional design in the “big picture” of teaching
  • Take a close look at what each of us really wants our students to learn
  • Work through the model of Integrated Course Design that enables us to systematically design significant learning into our courses, and
  • Conclude by looking at some case studies that address the question of whether this more intentional way of designing courses really makes a difference in the way students respond.

Download Resources:

3 Column Table [DOCX]

3 Column Tables Examples [DOC]

Assessing significant learning some options [DOC]

Creating Your Weekly Schedule [DOCX]

Designing Courses For Significant Learning [PPTX]

Noyd Writing Good Learning Goals USAFA [DOC]

Pre-Workshop Reading Assignment [DOCX]

Uva Biol Course Questions As Unit Labels [DOCX]

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