Waste Management & Disposal

The University of Louisville is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the environment. Established Federal and state regulations require that the University ensure that hazardous, bio-hazardous, radioactive, and universal wastes be properly managed “cradle-to-grave”. The DEHS Environmental Operations & Hazardous Materials (EOHM) group is directly responsible for the management of these wastes for the University.

This page will direct you to links which will provide you with information regarding:

  • How to request a pick-up of your waste.

  • Types of Waste

  • Training requirements for generators

  • University Waste Disposal Guide

  • Laboratory Close-out

Questions regarding waste management and disposal can be directed to the University’s Hazardous Waste Coordinator, or call 852-6670.


University Waste Disposal GuideChemical Exchange Program (CHEMEX)
Current CHEMEX Inventory (ulink log-in required)


Hazardous & Infectious WasteRadioactive Waste

Forms & Documents

Chemical & Hazardous Waste Pick-Up (ulink log-in required)DEHS Pocket Guide (PDF)
CHEMEX Submission Form (ulink log-in required)Waste Concentration (PDF)
Laboratory Close-Out FormHW Accumulation Area Handout (PDF)
Radioactive Waste Pick-Up (includes Mixed)

Waste Categories

Chemical & Hazardous WasteInfectious Waste
Radioactive WasteExpired Pharmaceuticals/DEA Controlled Substances
Compressed Gas CylindersEPA P-List (Acute Toxic Chemicals) (PDF)
Lighting WasteBatteries
Miscellaneous Solid WastePeroxide Forming Chemicals (PDF)

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