Respiratory Protection Training & Fit Testing

This training is required annually for all employees who were a respirator for protection against hazardous are contaminants. In this class, the user will learn the follow:


    • Proper Respirator Selection

    • Proper Respirator Use

    • Proper Respirator Maintenance

    • An Emphasis on Respirator Limitations


    The user will be fitted with an appropriate size and style of respirator. The face piece-to-face seal will also be checked with an airborne test agent such as irritant smoke.

    This class is limited to the use of air purifying respirators (e.g. N-95 filtering facepiece and cartridge respirators). However, special training can be made available for airline respirators and self contained breathing apparatus upon request.

    For online respiratory protection training, click on the link below for your type of respirator.

    Respirator training should be completed annually.

    Physical Plant

    Training and fit testing is scheduled by the supervisor on an as-needed basis by contacting the Industrial Hygienist.

    Other Departments

    Prior to scheduling training you must call for a hazard assessment to ensure proper selection of respirators. Employees must obtain a statement of medical qualifications for respirator use from a licensed physician prior to training/fit testing. For complete information, see the Respiratory Protection Program (PDF). Questions my be directed to the Industrial Hygienist, or by calling 852-2961.

    Paper Dust Masks

    Voluntary use of these throw-away paper masks for protection from nuisance particles such as pollen or other environmental dusts have different requirements than respirators. Please contact the Industrial Hygienist for more information on these requirements.

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