Occupational Noise & Hearing Conservation

University of Louisville employees whose occupational noise exposure exceeds 85 decibels for an 8-hour time-weighted average must be enrolled in a Hearing Conservation Program. Annual training is an integral part of this program. The training provides the following information:

    • How to Comply with the OSHA Noise Standard
    • How to Establish an Effective Hearing Conservation Program
    • The Effects of Noise on Hearing
    • The Purpose of Hearing Protectors & the Various Types Available
    • The Purpose of Audiometric Testing


    Physical Plant Hearing Conservation Program

    Physical Plant has a Hearing Conservation Program for Steam and Chill Plant workers and Groundskeepers. The Physical Plant Manager of Staff Development constructs initial and annual refresher training for these employees.

    RRF Hearing Conservation Program

    Research Resources Facilities also has a Hearing Conservation Program for the cage wash workers and animal care technicians. RRF administration schedules initial and refresher training which is conducted by the DEHS Industrial Hygienist.


    University employees who would like a noise exposure evaluation should ask their supervisor to contact the DEHS Industrial Hygiene Manager.

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