Laboratory Safety Policy

The following message and policy were originally published as a forward to the University's 1989 Laboratory Safety Manual. The text of the policy was updated and the President's Message reconfirmed by President Ramsey in 2003 when the manual was revised and made available on-line. Although Radiation Safety and Biological Safety now have separately published manuals, the intent of the original policy is still applicable to all laboratory operations.

President's Message

The University of Louisville is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for its faculty, staff and students. This manual contains standard preventative measures for reducing or eliminating accidental illness, injury, death or property damage for those working in university laboratories.

All deans, directors, chairpersons, department heads and supervisors must take an active role in safety by working with the faculty and staff to develop a positive safety attitude, by providing necessary training and by setting an example for them to follow.

Ultimately, it is individual faculty, staff and students who are responsible for safety. Please take personal responsibility for those around you. It is your attitude, your knowledge of safe practices, and your actions that will determine the success of our safety program.

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Laboratory Safety Policy

The University of Louisville recognizes and accepts its responsibility to provide its personnel, students, and visitors with a safe and healthful environment in which to perform their daily activities.

Each person in a supervisory or management capacity is responsible for the provision and maintenance of safe working conditions in his or her respective area, and for ensuring that all authorized and applicable safety precautions and guidelines are followed. It is of prime importance that all supervisory personnel understand and accept this responsibility for the safety of all people under their direction, as well as those not under their direction that may enter their laboratories.

Everyone who is employed by, a student of, or a visitor to the university must assume and, by their action, demonstrate primary responsibility for his or her own safety.

Each employee and student is personally responsible for complying with applicable safety precautions and guidelines. Also, each employee and student is responsible for using any safety equipment that is provided or required.

Safety is not the exclusive responsibility of any one individual, department or office. Recognizing this, the University of Louisville has created the Department of Environmental Health and Safety to help the faculty, staff and students in meeting their responsibilities. The faculty-based Biohazards Safety Committee developed the first edition of the Laboratory Safety Manual. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has augmented this manual, updating rules and procedures as required by current regulations and standards of care, and including additional reference information to further assist lab personnel. This updated information is now available on line.

It is the intent of this policy to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational exposures or disease in the laboratory, to help each member of the U of L community to maintain a safe and healthy laboratory, and to help ensure compliance with government health and safety regulations applicable to laboratories.

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