Laboratory Chemical Safety

The Laboratory Chemical Safety program provides guidance to UofL faculty, staff, and students on the safe use of chemical agents in research and clinical activities. The program is based on current government regulations, guidelines, and best practices, and is committed to ensuring chemical, personal, and environmental safety.

Principal Investigators have primary responsibility for implementation of UofL policies and procedures that must be followed by all lab personnel for safe conduct of work. The Chemical Hygiene Plan is a requirement by OSHA for laboratories using hazardous chemicals. Each faculty/Principal Investigator must complete the Chemical Hygiene Plan and upload it to his or her BioRAFT lab page. More information is available via the Chemical Hygiene Plan Procedures link in the Programs section below.

Questions regarding the Laboratory Chemical Safety Program may be directed to DEHS Main Office (852-6670).

Chemical use in non-laboratory settings is regulated under the OSHA Hazard Communication standard.



Chemical Hygiene Plan Procedures Chemical Inventory Criteria
Fume Hood Testing Hazardous Chemical Use Requirements for Research Grants / Contracts
Hazardous Waste Disposal Lab Close-Out, Relocation or Equipment Release Procedures
Lab Safety Manual Reactive Chemical Safety Guidance (PDF)
Waste Anesthetic Gas Guidance Written Safety Procedures - SOP's and SASP's
Cold Room Storage & Use Procedures (PDF)


Formaldehyde Safety Training Lab Safety & Hazardous and Infectious Waste Training

Forms & Documents

Chemical Waste Pick-Up Form (ulink log-in required) Chemical Hygiene Plan Template (Word)
Lab Close-Out Notification Form Chemical Inventory Template (Excel)
Lab Safety Inspection Form (PDF) Chemical Segregation and Storage Guide (PDF)
SOP Template (Word) Minors in Labs Consent Form (PDF)
Personal Protective Equipment Hazardous Assessment (PDF)

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