Injuries and Illnesses

Life Threatening Injury or Illness


  • Call 911

Severe life threatening injuries include such injuries as severe lacerations, severe burns, fractures, loss of consciousness and uncontrolled bleeding.


Severe Chemical Exposure


  • Inhalation - Take victim to fresh air

  • Skin or Eye Contact - Immediately begin flushing exposed areas with water for 15 minutes

  • Call 911

  • Go to University Hospital via EMS

Severe chemical exposures to the skin must be taken via EMS to University Hospital, where a decontamination facility is available. If possible, obtain the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the chemical and send it to the hospital with the victim.


Non-Life Threatening Injury or Illness


  • Go to the nearest Campus Health Services Office, at HSC or Belknap for treatment during normal business hours.

  • Supervisor: Call ahead to the Health Services Office 852-6446 to notify staff and complete Injury/Illness forms available from Risk Management

  • For Treatment after hours:

    • Call 852-6446 for the Campus Health Services physician on call if you need assistance

    • For injuries that can wait, go to the Campus Health Services Office on the morning of the next business day.

    • For injuries that cannot wait, you may go to your physician or a provider of your choice.

  • It is important to report a work-related injury or illness immediately, no matter how insignificant the incident may seem, as often those that get overlooked turn into larger medical problems.


Needlesticks/Bloodborne Pathogens Exposures


  • Wash the exposed skin with soap and water, flush mucous membranes with water

  • Call 852-6446 (answered 24/7) as soon as possible and a physician will provide you with instructions

  • Go to the nearest Campus Health Services Office as soon as possible during normal business hours.


Reporting Injury and Illness


  • Any work related fatality, amputation or incident requiring hospitalization must be reported IMMEDIATELY to DPS at 852-6111. UofL is required to notify Kentucky OSHA.

  • It is the employee's responsibility to notify their supervisor as soon as possible of any work related injury or illness.

  • It is then the supervisor's responsibility to immediately complete, sign and forward the Injury/Illness forms to Risk Management.


Medical Emergencies/Ambulance (PDF)

Campus Health Services Office

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure

Risk Management

IA-1 Reporting Forms and Workers Compensation
IA-1 Supplemental Form (PDF)

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