Hazard Communication & GHS (Employee "Right-to-Understand")

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard ("Right-to-Know") governs non-laboratory workplaces where hazardous chemicals are used. This regulation also applies to clinics and clinical laboratories. DEHS maintains the U of L Hazard Communication Program document (PDF). The University Program requires all covered work units to complete a Unit-specific Hazard Communication Plan (Word) template which details how the unit will comply with OSHA requirements for major program elements, such as:

  • Chemical inventory

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Labeling of secondary containers of chemicals

  • Training of employees exposed to hazardous chemicals

  • Provisions for non-routine tasks and emergencies

  • Working with contractors

  • Recordkeeping

DEHS provides general Hazard Communication Training while the supervisor must provide training specific to the chemicals and procedures used at the work site.

For further information or assistance regarding the Hazard Communication Program, contact the DEHS Industrial Hygienist , or call 852-2961


UofL Hazard Communication Program (PDF)

Haz Com / GHS / Chemical Safety Training

Hazard Communication (Haz Com) & GHS Training

Forms & Documents

Unit-Specific Hazard Communication Plan Template (Word)
Haz Com Chemical Inventory Template (Excel)
Haz Com Training Record Form (Word)


OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

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