Laboratory Close-Out and Equiptment Release Procedures

The U of L Policy for Lab Close-Out requires Principle Investigators (PIs) to follow this Laboratory Close-Out Procedure prior to vacating any laboratory or other space where chemical, biological, or radioactive agents have been used or stored. Events requiring close-out of a lab include:

  • Leaving the University

  • Relocating to another lab space

  • Major lab renovation

  • Movemnet of equipment from the laboratory for surplus, repair, or relocation

In the event of death, disability, abrupt termination of employment or other unplanned event, the Department Chair becomes responsible for implementing the lab close-out procedure. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all potential environmental, health and safety hazards are removed before the lab is vacated.


Step-By-Step Instructions:


  1. Lab Close-Out Notification - Complete the web based Notification Form. This web-based form is automatically sent to the DEHS Lab Safety Coordinator, alerting DEHS staff of the upcoming close-out so they can provide assistance before the final close-out date.

  2. Hazardous Materials
    1. Chemicals - Dispose all chemical waste through University of Louisville's hazardous waste program. For procedures see the Waste Disposal Procedures.

    2. Compressed Gas Cylinders - Return cylinders to the vendor or relocate cylinders to the new lab.

    3. Radioactive Materials - Contact the Radiation Safety Office (852-5231) to discuss handling radioactive materials.

    4. Biological Materials - Do not dispose, transport, or ship any biological materials before discussing such activities with Biological Safety (852-6670).
      1. "Biological Materials" includes:
        • Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Rickettsia, Viruses and Bacterial Toxins (i.e. LPS, PTX, etc.)

        • Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules (i.e. plasmids, genes, viral vectors, etc.)

        • Human-derived or non-human primate materials(i.e. blood, body fluids, tissues or cell lines)

        • CDC or USDA Select Agents or Toxins

      2. Complete an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Modification Form (Word) indicating modification or termination of your registration and forward a signed copy to DEHS.
  3. Remove all stored items from the lab.

  4. Clean and Decontaminate
    1. Chemicals and Radioactive Materials - Clean and decontaminate all lab surfaces, including chemical hoods, with soap and water. After cleaning contact the Radiation Safety Office to schedule surface wipe testing for areas where radioactive materials were used.

    2. Biological Materials - Decontaminate all lab surfaces using a freshly-prepared solution of 10% bleach (v/v with water). Remove all Biohazard signs and stickers.
      1. All Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) must be initially decontaminated by wiping all visible surfaces and the catch basin using a freshly-prepared solution of 10% bleach (v/v with water). Follow by rinsing all surfaces with 70% ethanol or clear water.

      2. If biological agents other than human-derived materials, were used in the BSCs at any time, it must be professionally decontaminated (BSC Certifier List) prior to vacating the lab. Please contact Biological Safety (852-6670) with questions.

  5. Lab Close-Out Final Inspection - The PI must contact the Lab Safety Coordinator (852-2830) to schedule a final inspection.

  6. Lab Close-Out Certification Form - When it is confirmed that all hazards have been removed, DEHS will issue a Lab Close-Out Certification Form. Copies of the signed form will be sent to the PI vacating the lab and the Department Head.

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