Environmental Management

The Environmental Management section in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for programs (outside of Waste Management) that protect the environment and the safety of students and employees and ensures that the University is compliant with local, state and federal environmental regulations. Environmental Management monitors these regulations and works with the campus community to develop appropriate policies and procedures to maintain compliance.

While Environmental Management is leading the effort, supervisors and departments are responsible for understanding these regulations and developing procedures to ensure compliance. Employees and students are responsible for following these procedures.

Environmental Management serves as the liaison for the University’s environmental programs with regulatory agencies in the following areas: air pollution control/permitting, community-right-to know, spill planning and response, storm water management, above ground and underground storage tanks, emergency response, site investigation/remediation, and waste water management.

Questions regarding the Environmental Programs can be directed to the University’s Environmental Operations Manager , or call 852-6670.


When to Notify DEHS
Environmental Management Preparedness Plans


Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan

Training is required for personnel who's job duties involve the handling/management of oil.
-    Primarily members of Physical Plant & DEHS

Emergency Preparedness & Contingency Plan

Training is required for all University personnel expected to have a role in response actions.
-   Primarily Dept. of Public Safety, DEHS, and Physical Plant employees

Transportation of 6.2 Materials (Infectious Substances) by Air

Training is required by those who prepare and ship 6.2 hazardous materials by air.

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