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Essential Personnel ID Cards

by rwschm02 last modified Oct 10, 2012 03:31 PM

In the event an emergency occurs that requires the University of Louisville to close one or more of the University’s campuses, there will still be a need for essential personnel to access the campus.  To prepare for emergency situations our university must clearly identify "essential" employees.

In order to designate a person as essential, a supervisor or manager (anyone who has other employees reporting to him or her) must complete the Essential Employee Survey Form to designate that employee as essential. Unit or department heads (typically deans and vice presidents) need to be consulted and in full agreement with any "essential employee" designations BEFORE the form is submitted. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed by DEHS who will make the final determination whether an employee fits the “essential” criteria.

In order to facilitate essential personnel’s access to U of L campuses, the University will issue identification cards to these essential emergency response personnel. These cards are issued under the authority of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety by the Cardinal Card office and are active for two years. In addition to emergency response personnel that are designated as essential, there is also a cadre of personnel who have been determined to be essential and have been assigned roles in the Emergency Operations Center.

The emergency response personnel identification cards are similar to the university ID and uses the employee’s picture, name and ID number. The cards are issued in white and black. Everyone with a card should be allowed access on campus. Black card holders are allowed access to the Emergency Operations Center.


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