Belknap Evacuation

Certain events may require an emergency evacuation from the campus. If an evacuation is announced, everyone on campus (faculty, staff, students, and even residential students) will be required to leave campus. If time permits, the university community may be allowed to leave using their personal vehicles. In critical situations, people on campus may be required to evacuate on foot.

In either case, it is imperative that the university community understands the routes that they should use and procedures they should follow. This information is provided below.



Department of Environmental Health And Safety

Main Office

1800 Arthur Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40208


tel (502) 852-6670

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Department of Environmental Health And Safety

Radiation Safety Office

319 Abraham Flexner Way

Louisville, Kentucky 40202


tel (502) 852-5231

fax (502) 852-8911

Office Hours

M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

No holiday hours

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