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DEHS Documents

by r0stew03 last modified Sep 24, 2013 02:31 PM

The following documents consist of manuals, procedures, guidance, and other helpful documents used by the UofL Department of Environmental Health and Safety and their constituents. If you need assistance, please contact DEHS at (502) 852-6670.


Biological Safety
   Biological Safety Cabinet Certifier List PDF
   Biosafety Manual PDF
   Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Guidance PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens
   Hepatitis B Vaccine Policy PDF
   Billing information for Hepatitis B Vaccine PDF
   Model Exposure Control Plan Word
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
   IBC Electronic Registration User Guide
   IBC Meeting Schedule Link
   IBC Roster PDF
Laboratory Chemical Safety
   Fume Hood Poster PDF
   HF Acid Emergency Response Poster PDF
   Laboratory Safety Manual link
      General Safety
      Equipment Safety link
      Chemical Safety link
   Lab Safety Policy link
   Laboratory Close Out Policy link
   Personal Protective Equipment Poster PDF
Chemical and Hazardous Waste Disposal
   Waste Disposal Guide link
Hazard Communication (Haz Com)
   U of L Hazard Communication Program PDF
   Unit-specific Haz Com Plan Word
   Biological Safety Cabinet Use
   Destruction of Select Agents
   Hepatitis B Vaccine
   Institutional Biosafety Committee
   Laboratory Close-out
   Laboratory Safety Policy
   Biological Safety Training Policy
   Recombinant DNA Biohazardous Material Incident Response
   Recombinant DNA Biohazardous Material Spills
Radiation Safety
   Human Use Radiation Safety Manual Word
   Radioactive Material Users Guide PDF
Respiratory Protection
   Information for Employees for Voluntary Use of Respirators PDF
   Unit-specific Respiratory Protection Plan Word
   U of L Respiratory Protection Program PDF
   Cleaning your Respirator PDF



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