Dr. Carlos Munoz Jr. Portrait, Americans Who Tell The Truth

Thanks to the in kind donation of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Dean Colin Crawford, Professor Robin Harris, Christy Brown, and artist, Robert Shetterly this portrait of Dr. Carlos Munoz Jr. will be house in the Cultural Center.  

This portrait is bound to inspire both inner and outer critical dialogue amongst our population. As an institution in the southern region of the U.S. it is critical that students see themselves reflected in the world around them. This portrait and its backstory will serve as a mirror to those Latinx students who long to see themselves in spaces of higher education. Our goal is for every student that comes into our office to realize their own brilliance and that our office is a safe place for them to explore their identity and create their resilient and thriving community. The portrait and the significance of Dr. Muñoz’s work will go a long way in helping us actualize this goal. We appreciate this gesture and look forward to displaying this piece at the Cultural Center! 

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