How Can You Help?


 Your Time – As mentioned earlier, a group of community leaders have come together to initiate a scholarship program initiative that would address this issue. The goals of this new initiative are to recruit, retain, and graduate more Hispanics/Latino(a) students at the University of Louisville. The initial step to attaining these goals involved the creation of a Hispanic/Latino(a) Advisory Board in order to get the initiative started. The next step in accomplishing these goals involves reaching out to local and national businesses that would like to be part of this initiative as well as individuals that would like to help in any way possible. If you would like to serve with this group, please let us know.


 Your Treasures– We are looking to work closely together with the leaders of the Hispanic/Latino(a) community to determine the best way to raise the money, and create a sustainable funding program for this group of students. Businesses and/or corporations that invest in the education of this group of students will benefit with the knowledge of knowing they helped improved the life of a student and the community as a whole. As the University of Louisville graduates more professional Hispanic/Latino(a) students, it will enhance the likelihood for this group to stay and help grow the economy of this community. Individuals can also contribute to this initiative – no amount is too small – and if we all participate, the resources add up quickly. If you would like to give financially to this initiative, please let us know.


Your Talents – You may not have the time to sit on the Advisory Board, or the funds to give at this moment, but surely you have talents that can benefit this initiative. Maybe you have important connections you can leverage, maybe you can help connect us to others doing this work around the community or country, or maybe you have ideas on how to raise funds and get people excited about this work. You may even be an artist/performer and can assist us at one of our many fundraising events in the future. The University of Louisville’s Cultural Center has just begun a new student organization for Hispanic/Latino(a) students as well, and could use members of our community to serve as mentors and advisors to our students. The opportunities are limitless. If you would like to share your talents with us, you can do so anytime, just let us know.