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Fall 2013


Group counseling can be a very effective way to address a wide range of issues. What better way to address what’s on your mind than to get input from people who can relate to you! Groups can help people feel connected, get lots of input and ideas, and find hope that things can be better. Groups typically include 5-8 participants and 2 co-therapists. We will meet for 90 minutes each week for the duration of the semester. Groups are confidential, and participants sign contracts stating they will uphold confidentiality. Call the Counseling Center at 852-6585 or e-mail the leader of the group you’re interested in to find out more or to set up an initial individual meeting prior to starting the group. Check out our online videos below to see more information about groups. We hope you’ll join us!

This group is for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and others on the sexual orientation and gender identity spectra. We will address issues like family and peer relationships, the coming out process, dating, self-esteem, stress management, etc. It is open to individuals at any stage of the identity process.




Undergraduate Women’s Group

Wednesday afternoons, time TBA   

Contact: Joanna Morse –

This group offers women the opportunity to share with one another issues of common concern including life transitions, intimate relationships, identity, self-esteem, family, and interpersonal issues.



Graduate Women’s Group                                      

Day and time TBA

Contact: Abby Nordquist –

This 8-week group for women in graduate programs will focus on developing and nurturing a healthier self. We will devote time to exploring issues related to balance and resiliency, empowerment for women, health and mental health, and body image.


Other Groups                                             

Contact: Juan Pablo Kalawski –

We can also offer counseling for other types of groups. For example, in the past we have offered a group to help people become more comfortable in social situations and a group to learn about emotions. Both groups were open to students of any gender and sexual orientation. There are many types of issues that can be addressed in groups. If you are interested in a group not listed above, please contact us.



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