COSW Committees

At the beginning of each fiscal year we ask our standing committees to develop goals in line with our mission and we ask each commissioner to join a committee. Commissioners are expected to be active participants in moving these goals forward.

The four standing committees are: Campus Climate; Communications; Integration of Work and Family; and Representation, Recruitment and Retention.  The members of each standing committee elect a member to serve as Chair for a one-year term.


 The Campus Climate Committee will monitor the University’s provisions of a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community and play an active role in maintaining this environment through direct participation in programs and services.

Chair: Keith Lyle, Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Courtney Baron, University Libraries
  • Riece Hamilton, Health Promotion
  • Heidi Neal, Speed School of Engineering
  • Diana Kay (ex-officio), ULPD
  • Angela Taylor (ex-officio), Student Affairs


The Communications Committee will be responsible for the dissemination and publication of COSW information to membership and the university community. Items the committee will develop and maintain can include but are not limited to the following:

  • website, newsletter and calendar,
  • annual goals and report of accomplishments,
  • nomination and new membership information,
  • meeting, election, and regular business, and
  • Commission sponsorships and events

Chair: Leondra Gully, Cultural Center 

  • Ginevra Courtade, Special Education, Early Childhood, Prevention Science
  • Desrie Nisbett, School of Nursing
  • Carla VIdoni, College of Education and Human Development
  • J'Aime Jennings, School of Public Health and Information Sciences
  • Natalie Pasquenza, School of Medicine


The Integration of Work and Family Committee will monitor various policies with concern for the quality of benefits such as health insurance, leave policies, childcare programs, and tuition subsidies for children.

Chair: Meg Campbell, Facilities and Planning

  • Sara Choate, School of Public Health and Information Sciences
  • Kaila Story, WGST & PAS
  • Lauren Freeman, Philosophy
  • Kathy Hite, Human Resources
  • Christina Howard, University Counsel
  • Amanda LeDuke, Political Science
  • Katherine Stevenson, Information Technology
  • GlyptusAnn Grider Jones, McConnell Center


The Representation, Recruitment and Retention Committee will promote gender balance and equity as well as support programs in career development and mentoring for women.

Co-Chairs, Carcyle Barrett, Office of VP for Strategy/General Counsel and Nisha Gupta, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Jennifer Koch, School of Medicine
  • Alyssa Murphy, Athletics
  • Olfa Nasraoui, Speed School of Engineering
  • Mary P. Sheridan, English
  • Katie Partin (ex-officio), Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Executive Committee

The voting members of the Executive Committee shall comprise the Chair, Vice-Chair, three members elected at-large from the body, and the Chairs of the Commission Standing Committees. The members of the Executive Committee shall serve a term of two years. The immediate past Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee for one year following the expiration of the term.

COSW Chair: Heather Fox, University Libraries 
COSW Vice Chair: Michelle Rodems, Graduate School

  • Natalie Pasquenza, At-Large, School of Medicine
  • Delaina Amos, At-Large, Speed School of Engineering
  • J’Aime Jennings, At-Large, School of Public Health and Information Sciences
  • Keith Lyle, Campus Climate Committee Chair, Psychology and Brain Sciences
  • Leondra Gully, Communications Committee Chair, Cultural Center
  • Nisha Gupta, Integration of Work and Family Committee Chair, Delphi Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Carcyle Barrett, Representation, Recruitment, and Retention Committee Chair, Office of VP for Strategy/General Counsel
  • Katie Partin (ex-officio), Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Effectiveness & Analytics
  • Beth Willey (ex-officio), Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Melissa Long Shuter (ex-officio), Executive Director Business Operations Support