COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Student, faculty and staff testing data on this dashboard are updated three times per week by the Campus Health team to track and monitor disease activity within our university community on campus. Results* are from all on-campus testing sites, including testing performed by Campus Health, Bluewater Diagnostic Lab and athletics. Results from off-campus testing and UofL Health are not included on this dashboard. 

The daily 7-day rolling average excludes Saturday and Sunday. To better understand the purpose of this rolling average, visit the Testing and Tracing FAQs.




*The university has scheduled four periods of mandated testing during the spring 2021 semester:  Jan. 4 to Jan. 15, Feb. 8 to Feb. 19, Mar. 8 to Mar. 19 and Apr. 12 to Apr. 23.  The total number of tests during these periods is higher than other weeks.  

Historical data are available here.

Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning in coordination with Campus Health.

Updated: 06/16/2021 3:11 PM