University Integrity and Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the university's compliance programs

Protect and Preserve University Resources

Ethics in Purchasing

PUR 2.00 - Ethics in Purchasing

Purchasing Overview for Newly Appointed Faculty and Staff

Training Information

Fiscal Misconduct

ICO-1.03 - Fiscal Misconduct

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

ISO-PS007 - User Accounts and Acceptable Use

Internet Acceptable Use

Electronic Data and Voice Mail Disclosure

Cellular Telephone Usage

Purchasing (ProCard)

Procurement Card Resources

Procurement Card Program Policies

Procurement Card Pocket Guide and Quick Reference

Surplus of University Equipment

Surplus Donation Requirements

Disposal of Surplus Personal Property

Guidelines for Enterprise Activities

Administrative Overhead Fee

Guidelines for Extramural Activities, Associations, and Interest for Staff

PER 1.12 - Work Outside the University

Redbook Chapter 5, Article 5.6 - Work Outside the University

Management of Endowment Funds

Endowment and Similar Funds Management


PER 2.11 - Nepotism

Employment of Minors

PER 2.10 - Employment of Minors

Financial Reporting

FIN 1.2010 - Account Reconciliations

Effort Reporting Alignment with Annual Workload Assignment

Payroll and Other Expense Transfers

Fiscal Year End Closing

Financial Reporting Responsibilities

Timely Posting of Transactions

Transfer of F&A Cost Recovery

Use of University Funds

Accounts Payable Payments

Accounts Receivable

Budget Revisions

Expenditure Authorization

Petty Cash Funds

Relationship to State

Relationship to State

Appropriate Use of the University Name and Logos

Branding Policy


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