Leadership Team Profiles

Vice President, Community Engagement

  • Oversees strategic direction
  • Oversees finances and internal operations
  • Leads community engagement and assessment agenda
  • Resource development

Felicia Gough, MS - Unit Business Manager

  • Oversees all budgetary, personnel, payroll, purchasing, and financial matters
  • Administrative support for Community Engagement Office
  • Administrative support to Resident Advisory Council Committee

Associate Vice President for Community Engagement

  • Assists in the creation of new and effective partnerships
  • Oversees college access and educational enrichment programs
      • Upward Bound
      • Youth Toward Excellence
      • Talent Search
  • University Community Partnership Board, Faculty Liaisons and Signature Partnership Resident Council Office Liaison
  • Represents President and university community on civic and community-based organizations
  • Faculty Grant Support


Susan Jenkins, MA - Assistant to Vice President for Community Engagement

  • Personal Assistant to Vice President
  • Administrative support to Faculty Liaison Committee and University Community Partnership Advisory Board
  • Special event planning i.e. Outstanding Community Engagement Awards
  • Website maintenance and updates

Special Assistant to the VP for Community Engagement

  • Liaison to Community Leaders
  • Committee Representative for the Office of Community Engagement
  • Civic Education and Engagement Contact for Various Public Schools

Henry Cunningham, Ph.D. - Director, Community Engagement

  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Community-based learning course development
  • Engaged Scholarship
  • Student philanthropy
  • Community engagement plans for academic and administrative units
  • Liaison to Signature Partnership schools

Patrick Smith AICP - Assistant Director of Community Engagement

  • Leads reporting and documentation for community engagement
  • Conducts data collection and systematic tracking of efforts across academic and administrative units 
  • Manages assessment of the impact of community engagement on faculty, students, community partners and the institution
  • Oversees office communication strategies including website development, update and maintenance, newsletter production and dissemination, and social media

Mary Thorpe, Director, Secondary School Programs

  • Upward Bound
  • Talent Search
  • Youth Toward Excellence (YTEP)

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