Community Engagement Partnership

Partnership Data Collection Overview

To begin measuring the growth in Community Engagement Partnerships, a data collection system was developed in 2009 with the support of the Office of Community Engagement, the Provost Office of Academic Planning & Accountability and Information Technology, to capture, update and enable UofL to report on its engagement activities with local communities, the state, surrounding region and beyond.

The data collection is facilitated by the Office of Community Engagement by working closely with an assigned unit coordinator in each unit/department.  The Unit Coordinators are critical to maintaining the integrity of the data entered.  Each unit has access to this data for their use and reporting needs.

The data derived from this collection is used for multiple university reports like the President's Scorecard, Presidents Higher Education Honor Roll, Campus Compact Report, supporting documentation for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, and reports by county for the President's Outreach Tour.  This data is also reflected on the Office of Community Engagement Data Dashboard.

The SharePoint site is always open and available for updates; however, the mass data collection occurs every spring.

Sharepoint Link

Partnership Data Collection Manual (PDF)

Partnership Reports

2013-2014 Partnership Snapshot (PDF)

2012-2013 Partnership Snapshot

2011-2012 Partnership Report

2011 Signature Partnership Study Executive Summary (Word doc)