Living Learning Communities

UofL sponsors several living-learning communities (LLCs) for interested students. These communities are a collaborative effort between Student Affairs, Advising, Admissions, REACH, Faculty and Undergraduate Services.

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Interested in creating a living learning community?  Complete the interest form (PDF).

Program Objectives

The Living Learning Community program aims to support and encourage the following indicators of student success:

  • High quality of academic experiences in the first semester
  • Satisfactory first-semester grade point average
  • Persistence to sophomore year

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in an LLC will be able to:

  1. Describe and use Career Development Center (CDC) resources offered on campus as demonstrated by attending planned LLC events, participating in CDC programs, and seeking the opportunities to begin building a professional network.
  2. Formulate effective study groups as demonstrated by collaborating with peers in the LLC by working together outside of class on course assignments and by attending peer-led study groups.
  3. Discuss undergraduate research opportunities as demonstrated by attending LLC planned events and other programs related to undergraduate research topics and seeking opportunities for faculty-student interaction outside the classroom.
  4. Apply college-level study strategies and skills as demonstrated by participating in Resources in Academic Achievement (REACH) services and programs.
  5. Identify strategies to become a better critical thinker as demonstrated by attending LLC session on critical thinking.

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