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Student Late Apparel

by Stephanie M. Salings last modified Apr 08, 2014 09:30 AM

If you missed the deadline to order a cap and gown and you are a May graduating student on the approved degree list and need to purchase late apparel (rental for AuD, EdD, JD, and PhD), please read this page.

Herff Jones, Inc. will bring a limited number of apparel units for late purchase/rental. If you plan to participate and did not order your cap and gown before the deadline, complete the Late Apparel Permit.

The Permit must be completed by the student and approved by the Dean or representative of your school/college.  A copy of the completed form must be delivered or faxed to the Registrar's Office (fax 852-7088) so we may generate your name/degree call card and add your name to the participants list for seating. 

CAUTION: An incomplete form will not be accepted.

All late apparel will be sold as a unit only, with a cap, gown, and degree color tassel (hood included for masters and doctors). Individual apparel items will not be offered separately.

The  Late Apparel Permit is available by printing from this web page.   Please follow the instructions on the permit.  Missing information, incomplete permits, or permits not signed by your Dean's Office will not be accepted.

Late apparel will be sold on Friday, May 9th only from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on a first-come first-serve basis and will include a late fee.


Late Apparel Permit

Questions? e-mail Commencement Staff





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