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Sarah Matz
Entered: Fall 2008
Sarah Matz
Sebastien Laulhe
Entered: Fall 2008
Sebastien Laulhe
Xi Chen
Entered: Fall 2011
Xi Chen










Recent Graduates

Spring 2012

Dr. Xuan Huang
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Haibin Tian
Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL
Dr. Tatiana Krivokhizhina
Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville Louisville, KY
Dr. Manoj Kumar
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Ward. H. Thompson
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KA
Dr. Cesar C Masitas
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Donald Kurtz
University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Zhuang Jin
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Ted Kamenaka
Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, Florida

Fall 2011

Dr. Souvik Biswas
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Joseph Barchi
National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD
Dr. Prakash Doiphode
Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
Dr. Madhavi Jadhav
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Lynchburg, VA
Dr. Weibo Wang
Research & Development Chemist
ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, Mulberry, FL
Dr. Ricky Woofter
Research Chemist
Wil Research, Ashland, OH

Summer 2011

Dr. Susan Carroll
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Mark Wightman
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Radhika Dasari
Postdoctoral research w/ Dr. Keith Stevenson
University of Texas, Austin, TX










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