The Worst of Storms

By Katie Foley

The gigantic beast hiding amongst the clouds grumbled and growled

Shattering nearby glass, bursting ear drums, and shaking shutters of homes.

Fear spread through my chest like a virus

Infecting every part of my brain until I couldn’t think of anything else.


Then she grabbed my hand and squeezed.

Without turning my head, I knew her eyes were glued to the ceiling of blue.

Following her gaze, we looked up at the unruly sky,

Silence pouring over our bodies as we held each other’s hands.

With the newly found calmness that flowed through her and into me

I noticed that the world above us wasn’t so scary.


Its clouds in simple animal shapes that we could name

Its wind whistling in between the trees’ outstretched arms

Its beautiful blues peeking through every so often to say hello,

The spacing of thunder growing longer and farther


Soon, the storm had passed, leaving us in peaceful quiet.

“You see my darling,” she said in her honey covered voice,

“all storms pass. Even this one.”

At that, I smiled and squeezed her hand tighter.