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Staff Directory


Leslye Erickson, Director


     Leslye Erickson jpg
James Atkinson jpg     


 James Atkinson, Career Coach Sr.

College Engineering



Greg Bocchino, Career Coach Sr.

School of Arts and Sciences







Greg Bocchino
James Brown jpg










James Brown, Career Coach Sr.

School of Social Work, College of Education




Becky Clark, Career Coach Sr.

Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing


     Becky Clark 2 jpg
Debra mayberry jpg     


Debra Mayberry, Career Coach Sr.

School of Music, Alumni Services




 Matt Real

Employer Relations Coordinator


     Matt Real jpg
Shaun Rayhill jpg     


Shaun Rayhill

JLD Coordinator



 Valerie Browning

Program Assistant Sr.

     Valerie Browning jpg
Janice Day jpg




 Janice Day

Unit Business Manager




David Horrar

Information Tech Support



 David Horrar jpg

Susie Cucura jpg     



Susie Cucura

Publication and Marketing Support


TBA, Graduate Assistant

Student Services



No Photo Available jpg

   No Photo Available jpg



TBA, Graduate Assistant

Employer Relations


Corey Brown, Student Staff

Employer Relations



     Corey Brown jpg
Lindsay Jacobs     


Lindsay Jacobs, Student Staff

Communications and Marketing



Marita Simmons

Graduate Intern


No Photo Available jpg


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