Why should I network?

The importance of networking cannot be emphasized enough if you wish to be successful in your career. Discover why you should learn this invaluable skill.

Networking with other people opens doors to opportunities that are otherwise not openly available or advertised. Specifically, networking:


1)      Allows you to better learn the fundamentals of your field.

2)      Gives you the “inside scoop” about a specific job opportunity that may not be known to the others.

3)      Links you with local society and your community.

4)      Assists in the creation of mutually beneficial and reciprocal professional relationships.

5)      Helps with the development of your interpersonal skills.

6)      Is a way to promote your personal brand.

7)      Facilitates the expansion of your social life.

8)      Serves as a way to learn about something specific, such as a product, career, organization, industry, field, vocation, etc. If you are captivated by something but are not sure how to pursue it, chances are someone in your professional network can lend you a hand and give you helpful advice.

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