Is there a specific place I should network?

Common places to network may include (but are not limited to):

  1. One-on-one meetings
  2. Conferences and conventions
  3. Career or job fairs
  4. Academic/training settings
  5. Networking clubs, groups, or Meetups
  6. Social, recreational, and community settings
  7. Unconventional places, such as on an airplane, public transportation, personal events (weddings, graduations, etc.), and restaurants- the list is endless.
  8. The Internet (LinkedIn, Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, etc.).

a) LinkedIn: Perhaps the most commonly known networking site, LinkedIn allows you to connect with those you have previously met, and allows you to network with their contacts as well. It is an excellent platform to strengthen and expand your networking base. For assistance with creating a LinkedIn account and learning more about how to best use this tool to promote your personal brand, make an appointment with one of our Career Coaches.

b) Facebook: This social site allows the user to connect with others more casually and in a convenient way.

c) Eventbrite: Search under the “networking” section to find local networking events.

d) Meetup:  As an added bonus, most Meetup groups tend to meet on a regular basis which allows you the chance to consistently practice your networking skills. It also allows you the chance to build lasting relationships with members of the group

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