Building Your Brand - Networking

What is networking and why is it important, you ask? Learn what networking is and why it is critical to propelling your professional and personal development.

Create a LinkedIn account - it's a MUST.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to gain insights on candidates prior to the interview process.

Back to the basics.

Learn the fundamentals of networking and how it can benefit your development on a personal and professional level.

Why should I network?

The importance of networking cannot be emphasized enough if you wish to be successful in your career. Discover why you should learn this invaluable skill.

How do I network with others?

There are many ways to network. Find the medium that fits your preference, but do not limit yourself to just one method of contact. Discover your options here.

When do I network?

Networking can happen anytime, anywhere. However, there are common situations in which many people apply their networking skills to solve a problem, gain helpful advice, or learn new information about something. It is especially helpful when searching for support in light of making a career or business-based decision.

With whom should I network?

Anyone and everyone. Every person has unique associations, contacts and skills that may prove beneficial to you during your networking journey. Find out here who specifically may be able to give you detailed, personalized advice.

Is there a specific place where I should network?

Where is the best place to network, you ask? The answer is simple: anywhere! Make the best of any situation and learn how to network wherever you are. Check out this list of common and unconventional places to network with others.

Where can I network in and around Louisville, KY?

Think you need to travel far and wide to successfully network with others? Think again. Here are resources you can utilize to network locally in the Kentuckiana area.

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