Consider payment options and research financial aid.

Consider payment options and research financial aid.

Determine the overall cost for your time as a graduate student and be prepared to apply for additional funding. Contact the school’s financial aid office and inquire about available scholarships, student loans, and other sources of aid. This information may not always be posted on their website, so contact the office by phone or mail to receive an updated, thorough answer. Also look into graduate assistantships, federal work study-positions, and other options offered by your university. Working for your university not only helps lighten your financial burden, it allows you to network and connect with others at your university which will support you during your time as a graduate student (and beyond!). View the financial aid options for graduate school at the University of Louisville here.

Check out this list of resources which provide more information about financial aid:



(a)   See their tips for saving money as a grad student by clicking here






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