Clarify your goals and select your school.

Take the next step in your college career and apply for graduate school. Discover what necessary steps and actions are needed to bring this journey to fruition. The choice to attend graduate school should be a thoroughly-researched and exciting one for you to make. The Career Development Center is here to guide you on your journey and offer support, advice, and wisdom. Remember- you’ve got this.

Clarify your goals and select the school you wish to attend.

When choosing a university, it is beneficial to consider several items in particular. Bear in mind your own wants and needs, the school itself, the programs offered by your selected university, and what is ultimately required of you.

Consider your own goals, desires, and needs.

Where would you like to live? What do you want to study? What are your professional goals? By becoming aware of locational differences, climatic changes, as well as entertainment and other services offered by the city you are considering moving to, you will learn about what you can and cannot live without.

Research the location of the university and the size of its student population.

How far are you willing to travel and live away from your family and friends? Do you have any relationships that would make it difficult to move very far from your current location? Do you prefer to attend smaller or larger institutions? Does your class size or the ratio of faculty to students matter to you? Make sure to take these factors into consideration when selecting potential schools.

Investigate the University’s resources, its Career Center, and post-program employment opportunities.

What academic resources are offered that will empower you during your time at graduate school? What jobs do students gravitate towards after completing the program? Does the University’s Career Center cater to graduate students, and what specific services are available to you?

Select the program you want to pursue.

Many schools offer a wide variety of graduate school programs, while other universities may offer a selection that is not as exhaustive. Make an inventory of areas of study that grab your attention. What are you most passionate about? For help with selecting an area of study, make an appointment with our Career Coaches who can guide you through the process of identifying graduate school programs that match your strengths and interests. Once you have categorized the area(s) of study/studies you wish to pursue, begin to research the schools which offer the program(s) you are interested in. To see the University of Louisville’s graduate school programs, click here.

Here are additional online resources that will help in narrowing down your selection of schools:

(1)   Usnews.comU.S. News & World Report’s 2016 Best Graduate Schools.






(7)   U.S. Department of Education


(9)   Law School Admission Council

(10)  Association of American Medical College

Read the application requirements for the program you selected.

Different programs call for different requirements. Some programs require a portfolio, work experience, or research experience. Make sure to read this beforehand in order to have a firm grasp of what is expected of you before beginning the program.

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