Graduate School

Take the next step in your college career and apply for graduate school. Discover what necessary steps and actions are needed to bring this journey to fruition. The choice to attend graduate school should be a thoroughly-researched and exciting one for you to make. The Career Development Center is here to guide you on your journey and offer support, advice, and wisdom. Remember- you’ve got this.

Step One: Clarify your goals and select your school.

Why do you want to attend grad school? What are your specific needs and desires? Conduct research on various graduate schools and discover other factors that should be considered when considering graduate school.

Step Two: Prepare for the application process.

Each school has a different application process. Learn more about the different steps here.

Step Three: Consider payment options and research financial aid.

If you are willing to research different financial aid options, graduate school can easily become a much more affordable option for you. Learn about the different ways to fund your education.

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