Types of interview formats

There are many different ways that employers are choosing to interview candidates. Most of the time it is a series of interviews. The interview process usually goes as follows: phone interview, face to face (possibly several face to face with different levels of people), and hopefully an offer after deliberations. Below you will find more details about different ways of interviewing.

Have a look at our PowerPoint which identifies and explains different methods of interviewing:

  • One-on-One Interview
  • Panel/Committee Interview
  • Screening Interview
  • Telephone Interview
  • On-Site Interview
  • Off-Site Interview
  • Second-Round Interview

Below are some tips for some of the different interview formats.

Phone Interviews:

Phone interviews are used to gauge a candidate and if they are a fit based on skills and knowledge. Depending on how the phone interview goes, will determine if you are asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.

Tips for phone interviews:

  • Be prepared. Even though it is on the phone, you still need to be prepared. Over the phone is just as hard because you have to convince the employer that you deserve an in person interview.
  • No one can see you. It is okay to have notes out, the companies website up, and anything else that you feel will assist you in answering the questions to the best of your ability.
  • Sell yourself. In any stage of the interview process, you continuously have to let the employer know what you can do for them. NOT what they can do for you.


  • Be prepared. You should know your presentation without reading from a powerpoint or your cards. It is okay to have them for reference, but do not read straight from them.
  • Be confident. Being prepared will help with your confidence. Know what you have to offer.
  • Handouts for your presentation are a good way to show that you are prepared and gives the attendees a takeaway.
  • Dressing in a suit for your presentation will help you standout from the rest as well.

Lunch Interviews

  • Some employers may want you to meet them for lunch or coffee. Etiquette is very important when it comes to interviews with food.
  • Turn off your cell phone. There should be no distractions during your interview. It is a different setting than normal, but just as important as one in the office.
  • Actively listen even though you are eating.
  • Do not chew while talking.
  • Browse the menu for moderately priced items and stay away from meals that can be messy.
  • Be polite to all wait staff.

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