Follow up after an interview

It is always a question on when to follow up with an employer after you have interviewed with them. Should I wait a week, 2 weeks, a few days after? Below are some best practices in regards to when you should contact the employer:

  • Send a thank you email the same day as your phone interview. Quick and simple, thanking the interviewer for their time and you are looking forward to the next steps.
  • Send a thank you letter/card within 24 hours after your in-person interview. You will be fresh on their mind and what you need to say in the letter will be fresh as well.
  • Follow up: If you have not heard from the employer, it is okay to follow up with them via phone or email after a week has passed.
  • Follow up: If the employers gives you a certain date that you will hear back and you have not heard from him, contact them the day after to follow up.
  • There is thin line between eager and being too eager. You do not want to annoy the employer by constantly contacting them and not giving them a chance to contact you back. You never know what is happening in their office at that time.

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