Career Coaches & Appointment Medium

There are four Career Coaches available to meet with students from the nine (9) colleges and schools served by the University Career Center (UCC).  Appointments are scheduled through Handshake and can be either virtual, phone, or in-person. Career Coaches are assigned based on major or program of study. Each Career Coach has approximately 4,000 students, so we encourage students to prepare for their appointment beforehand by reviewing student resources on our website.  Schedule appointments well in advance and strive to keep all appointments. 

New Virtual Appointment Process for Fall 2021

Virtual appointments will now be conducted within the Handshake platform using Handshake's own video provider.  This will simplify the process of scheduling and logging in for your video appointment. Students will now log into Handshake for their video/remote appointment.  Handshake will also provide appointment reminders. 

In-Person Appointments Resume

In-person appointments require the student and Career Coach to remain masked at all times regardless of vaccination status.  In-person appointments are held in our seminar room providing additional spacing and better ventilation while providing access to a projecting PC to review career information and resources.    

Appointment Hours

The UCC hours of operation are listed in the footer below.  Career Coaches are availabile to meet individually with students.  Career Coaches also present workshops to classes, conduct seminars for student organizations, present at orientation events, create educational resources, and serve on committees. Your Career Coach's schedule and availability is up-to-date in Handshake. 

How to Schedule an Appointment in Handshake

  1. Log into Handshake using ULink credentials (see Logo below)
  2. From your homepage, click on Career Center in the upper right corner next to your initials 
  3. Click on Appointments in middle of page under "What can we help you find?"
  4. Click on blue button Schedule a New Appointment
  5. Choose Category and your Career Coach's availability will automatically appear


Log into Handshake to schedule your appointment. 

Appointment Types

  • Career Counseling: Career counseling appointments last 60 minutes and can cover major/career exploration, graduate/professional school information, etc.
  • Career Assessment: This appointment type lasts 60 minutes and is for students who have already taken a career assessment and need to have the results interpreted.
  • Practice Interview: Practice Interviews last 60 minutes and consists of a mock interview to allow students and alumni to practice answering interview questions relevant to their career field.
  • Resume/Cover Letter Reviews: Resume/cover letter reviews typically last 30 minutes or less and are intended for students who need help beginning and/or updating their documents.
  • Internship Search: These appointments consist of identifying internship opportunities students are qualified for, and typically last 60 minutes. Students must have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Full-time Job Search: These appointments consist of identifying full-time job opportunities students or alumni are qualified for, and typically last 60 minutes.

Late Policy

Appointments will be rescheduled when:

  • 10 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment
  • 15 minutes late for a hour appointment

Appointment No-Show Policy


To explain the expectations for students/alumni for scheduled appointments. In their interactions with the University Career Center, students/alumni are expected to model the norms of professional behavior that are commonly found in the workplace.


All current students and alumni who have scheduled appointments with the University Career Center.


Participants are expected to show up for appointments they have scheduled. If the participant fails to show up for a scheduled appointment and fails to notify the University Career Center prior to the appointment time, the participant’s access to University Career Center services may be suspended.

First No-Show/Second No-Show:

  • If the student/alumni no-shows for the first scheduled appointment with any staff member, they will receive an email informing them that they have missed a scheduled appointment.

Third No-Show:

  • The student/alumni will receive an email after the third missed scheduled appointment notifying them that they have been blocked from scheduling any future appointments and blocked from access to the Cards Career Connection powered by Handshake. To remove the block, the student/alumni must contact the staff member with whom they wish to meet to explain why they have missed appointments and to request reinstatement. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of the staff member.


If reinstatement is denied and the student/alumni wishes to appeal the reinstatement decision, they must call the University Career Center and schedule an appointment with the Director to discuss their appeal.


It is the responsibility of the participant to contact the University Career Center within 24 hours if they are not able to keep their appointment. If there is a special circumstance, the Center will respond accordingly and make arrangements.



Possible denial of access to University Career Center services and resources.