Handshake Access


Handshake is the platform used to track all job postings, employers, students, student appointments, and career fairs for the nine out of 12 colleges and schools served by the UCC. Handshake is also used for all students to access student employment (off-campus) positions and Federal Work Study (on-campus) positions.  All currently enrolled UofL students have access to Handshake, regardless of major.  Business and Engineering Career Centers have a separate system for theirs students.  

Are you interested in a Handshake account?  Here are the different types of accounts:

  • Student/Alumni Account - Faculy and staff can request a student account in Handshake so they can see what students see, including all job postings and events.  This is an active account set up to alumni status so it won't expire.  
  • Employer Account - Faculty and staff will need an employer account if they are hiring UofL Student Workers, posting for professional positions at UofL or any other university across the country, or attending any career fair as an employer to either hire or recruit for grad programs.   
  • Administrator Account - Faculty and staff would need an administrator account if they wanted to see all of their students within their major. They would also see active and expired jobs posted in the system, events, career fairs, etc.  

There are different protocols for logging into different types of accounts. Please contact our Recruiting Coordinator and let us know what you want to do and we will set up the appropriate account.