Stay Safe While Interning & Co-oping



Obviously in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, your health and well-being should be your #1 priority.  For those doing an internship or co-op this spring, you likely now have questions about how to proceed given the growing public health crisis.

For any matters related to academic credit and requirements for your internship or co-op course, above all else you should be in contact with your program director/coordinator at UofL.  Since many programs have differing requirements and most of these experiences are individualized, your internship/co-op director/coordinator can work with you to ensure a successful and safe completion in conjunction with the supervisor at your work site. 

In some situations, remote work from home is already being implemented to bring the internship/co-op coursework to a conclusion.  If you are being required to work on-site and you feel your health/safety are potentially compromised, communicate that to your work site supervisor. If a satisfactory resolution to the situation cannot be reached, contact your internship/co-op director at UofL for assistance to ensure you are comfortable and not feeling at risk.