Making Remote Interviewing and Jobs More Comfortable


By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D.

One of the outgrowths of the COVID-19 pandemic has been more remote/virtual work than ever before.  Along with that, more organizations are recruiting and interviewing job candidates remotely.  National consulting company Gartner reports 86% of organizations are now using video conferencing tools and other virtual technology to interview candidates.  

For some of you, it may be the first time interviewing remotely.  But some employers are now trying to make that experience comfortable for you.  LinkedIn says there’s a number of things organizations can do to make you feel good about them and minimize your virtual apprehension.  Here’s what you might encounter.  

Some organizations are increasingly offering support and guidance even before you apply for a position.  The information you find as you prepare to apply can greatly influence your perception of the organization in a positive manner.  Pre-application resources like tips on getting started in that industry and writing strong applications, and employees discussing team-building efforts, help to position the organization as welcoming and can help to encourage applications.

Another tool that is being employed is virtual office tours. LinkedIn reports the number one way that candidates want to learn about company culture is through an on-site visit.  Given the ongoing complications of the pandemic, companies can bring the office to potential hires in the form of a pre-recorded tour or a live online walk-through of facilities.

It’s also important for organizations to be candid about the current daily work climate in the midst of the pandemic.  While you may be interested in knowing what life will be like once the health crisis eases, companies should willingly talk with you about their culture of collaboration and communication in the remote work environment.   

LinkedIn reports some organizations are providing a helpful listing of resources to their remote job interview invitations. This might include an overview of what to expect, names of people you will meet, tips for excelling during the interview, links to learn about the company culture and organizational structure, and other resources to help prepare.  

Once hired, you will likely be made to feel part of the team at your new company via a social media posting.  This tactic is especially important now when an organization may not be able to welcome you in person due to the company’s COVID-19 protocols. 

Finally, if you are going to be working remotely, most companies are now being diligent about training and transitioning you seamlessly into a productive employee.  Organizations should ensure you have everything that is needed to hit the ground running but they can also take added steps to set a good tone from day one.  Accordingly, your new organization may send you needed technology and possibly some company swag so you feel wanted and a part of the team.  

The global pandemic has clearly affected the recruitment and hiring process as well as daily work life.  Companies always want to make a positive impression in order to attract applications, and to retain good employees, particularly in the current tight labor market. As LinkedIn reports, it means you will likely find these and even other welcoming tactics to make for a satisfying interviewing process and work life.