Internship Coordinator Optimistic About New Position

Internship Coordinator Optimistic About New Position

By: Stuart Esrock Ph.D

Ask Maddie McNabb about internships and she quickly touts a list of benefits. In fact, she believes these opportunities are among the most important experiences a student can have during their academic career.  McNabb is the new Internship Coordinator at the UofL University Career Center and despite the ongoing public health crisis, she thinks these experiences can deliver a silver lining for students.

McNabb is a Louisville newcomer but a Kentucky native. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and French from Centre College and recently graduated from the University of Virginia with an M.Ed. in Higher Education. McNabb has previous experience in fraternity and sorority life, scholarship programs, and business school admissions.

McNabb has already been instrumental in the launch of the Parker Dewey micro-internship program at UofL.  This platform features paid short-term projects with employers that can be completed remotely.  These opportunities are designed to supplement students' internship experiences and/or provide adult learners and online students with experiential learning opportunities.

McNabb said one of her goals is to increase the University Career Center’s social media presence.  “I am a big proponent of meeting students where they are at, and none of us are naïve enough to believe they are looking at every email that comes into their inbox. The opportunities the UCC offers can only be successful if the intended audience (i.e., students) knows about them.”

McNabb said internships are always important for students for a variety of reasons.  But with the pandemic, internships are perhaps more imperative than ever before.  And she said, students who gain significant internship experience now will have a bigger advantage in a tight job market.  “During an economic downturn, internships become increasingly important as a way to market oneself as a top-tier applicant. They also provide an applicant with real workplace experiences to discuss during an interview as another way to stand out in a challenging hiring landscape.”

If you are a student, faculty or staff member, or employer and have questions about internships, contact Maddie McNabb at the UofL University Career Center (