Hot Jobs and Salaries in the 2020's


 By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is reporting new information on salaries and anticipated job openings in the coming years. Their study once again shows the benefit of a college degree and increasing financial gains as education levels increase.  

BLS said the median annual wage for all occupations in 2020 was $41,950.  That progressively increased at each degree level:   

  • Associate’s Degree: $55,870 
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $78,020 
  • Master’s Degree: $76,800
  • Doctoral or professional Degree: $110,160

According to BLS, most of the projected openings during the remainder of the decade will stem from the need to replace workers who leave their positions permanently, such as for retirement. But some openings are expected to result from newly-created jobs.

Here are some specific job categories where BLS anticipates job growth for the remainder of the decade.  For each sector, BLS designated a specific position as having the most job openings from now through 2030:

  • Business, management, and sales: business operations manager positions
  • Computer and engineering: software developers and software quality assurance analysts
  • Education, social service, and legal: elementary school teachers
  • Healthcare: registered nurses
  • Media, arts, and sports: coaches and scouts

You can find out more about the Bureau of Labor Statistics job opening projections for various college degree levels in their article "Projected openings in occupations that require a college degree.”

The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook is also an excellent resource for students to utilize as they research various job fields.