Beware of Phishing Scams



UofL Information Technology Services has found a significant rise in email phishing sent to university accounts related to the COVID-19 virus as well as online classes. Please be hyper aware of scam emails promoting mis-information about university classes or online registration. Verify that UofL emails are from addresses and don’t click on links from people/sources you don’t know. If you have concerns over a questionable email or have clicked on a suspicious link, please contact UofL IT Services at 852-7997 or via the ITS website.

The end of a semester is also a time when we typically see a spike in fraud related job opportunities.  Your UofL career centers including the University Career Center, Engineering, Business, and Law centers want to remind you to be particularly vigilant during these times when an increasing number of fraudsters become desperate in their attempts to take advantage of students. 

Avoid offers of employment that include:

  • High pay with little work
  • Cashing checks and wiring money
  • Poor grammar or punctuation
  • Offering a job without even interviewing you

These are just a few of the "red flags." Below are some additional resources to help you protect yourself:

Again if in doubt, don’t click on it.  Students who are suspicious should contact IT Services and if you receive a scam email, report it to UofL IT.