Handshake User Guides

The following are User Guides or "How To" Guides for getting the most out of Handshake.  Please contact the UCC if you have any questions. 


How to ...

Complete Your Profile - It is important to thoroughly complete your profile in Handshake, just as you would with LinkedIn, or any other professional networking platform. This is very important if making your profile visible to others.  No one will be impressed with an incomplete profile. 

Change Your Profile Privacy Setting - There are 3 privacy settings: Community, Employers, and Private.  Some Handshake features require profile to be set to either Community or Employers. It is recommended to use the private setting until profile is complete and you are ready to network.

Change Your Resume Visibility by Employers - Do not inadvertently make your resume visible to employers until you have had it reviewed by the UCC staff or other experts. You do NOT want your incorrect or incomplete resume coming up in employer searches! Note: resume visibility is different from profile visibility.   

Schedule an Appointment with a Career Coach - All career coaching/advising appointments are scheduled through Handshake.  We recommend using the Document Drop Program and/or Drop-In Advising for quick questions and resume/cover letter reviews. 

Use Peer-to-Peer Messaging - The Handshake community provides students with access to tens of thousands of peers across the country at universities on the Handshake platform.  You can search for peers, agree to guidelines, and choose a career-related topic.  It will even help you craft your message. You can also answer questions from other peers.  Each recipient has the ability to allow/decline a message before connecting. 

Use Question-and-Answer Feature - You can ask a question of other students or employers anonymously or by using your public profile.  You can also answer questions.  Q&A content can be found throughout the platform on student homepage, job pages, and employer pages.

Use the Reviews Feature - You can write a review by answering standard questions about your internship or summer job experience. You can also read other reviews written by peers in the Handshake community.  All reviews are monitored by Handshake for professionalism.


Many of the features available to students are also available for alumni.  However, alumni have a different login process.  Alumni who were in the system as students (since 2017) log in with email address - NOT ULink credentials.  The UCC may have to activate your account with your current email address. If you cannot access your account via the instructions below, or you graduated before 2017, please contact the UCC by emailing your request to . Please include full name, degree, major, year, current email, and student I.D. number or ULink username. 

How to ... 

Log In as an Alum - Different than student login.


The University Career Center (UCC) uses the Handshake platform to manage the positions for the 9 colleges and schools served, along with all student employment and Federal Work Study positions. Employers can post to the UCC, as well as any of the other 800+ universities using the platform and who have approved your account. Please note there are 3 other career centers at UofL who do NOT use the Handshake platform.  More information on our About Us page. 

How to ... 

Log In as an Employer - Employers log in using email address link. 

Post a Job in Handshake - Please review types of positions posted/not posted in our Posting Policy before starting.


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