Recruiting Initiatives


Our Employer Engagement Team is ready to assist you in connecting with UofL Students.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the resources below:

Job Postings

Handshake is the University Career Center’s online job listing and career management database that connects employers to thousands of talented U of L students.  Having a Handshake account allows you to post student employment (part-time) jobs to all UofL students as well as internships and full-time entry-level positions for the students we serve in 9 out of 12 colleges and schools.  

Hosting Virtual Events 

If you would like to host a virtual event, you can do so by submitting a virtual event request through Handshake, providing the link for students to join the event, and then hosting your event through your chosen meeting platform. Virtual events are a great way to provide information and connect with students when you’re unable to make it to campus, and ensuring you’ve submitted it through Handshake increases our ability to promote your event to students.

The Handshake Help Center provides information on Setting Up a Virtual Event.  You can also invite students from multiple universities to participate in the event.  Organizations are welcome to use their virtual meeting software of choice.  Two popular ones are Zoom and WebEx.  We recommend avoiding a platform that requires each student attendee to create their own account to attend.

Career Fairs (now virtual)

The University Career Center hosts several career fairs during the academic year. Please see our current list of career fairs.  All career fairs are held virtually in Handshake due to COVID-19.  Prior fairs have included: Student Employment Fair, Nursing Fair, Internship & Career Fair, Communication Internship Fair, and Graduate and Professional School Fair. Although we serve 9 out of the 12 colleges and schools, allstudents and alumni are welcome to attend.  Business, Engineering, and Law career centers also host career fairs. 

Information Tables

Due to COVID-19, Information Tables are postponed until further notice.  Information tables provide you with a valuable opportunity to discuss your organization’s job opportunities with students in our Student Activities Center (SAC) during peak times.

Information tables are available Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.  We ask that requests are submitted at least two weeks in advance using the Employer Information Table Request Form.

On-Campus Interview Room Reservation

Due to COVID-19, Interview Room Reservations are postponed until further notice. Organizations can reserve interview rooms in the University Career Center. We provide recruiters with free parking adjacent to our building.  This option is available to organizations who create their own interview schedule(s) and need a convenient location on campus to interview students. The Student Activity Center is next door with several lunch locations.  To make arrangements, please contact one of our Employer Engagement Team members