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As UofL's largest academic unit, the College of Arts & Sciences offers a diverse range of opportunities from over 30 departments and programs in the natural and physical sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, and the arts and humanities. A degree from Arts & Sciences provides a solid foundation upon which to build future academic, professional and personal successes.

2017 First Destination Results

A total of 325 (n=325) graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences from the December 2016, May 2017, and August 2017 classes reported employment and continuing education information.

Class Breakdown

  • December 2016: 24% (n=77)
  • May 2017: 64% (n=207)
  • August 2017: 12% (n=41)

Degree Level

  • Bachelors: 77% (n=249)
  • Masters: 16% (n=52)
  • Doctorate: 7% (n=24)

Post-Graduation Status*

  • 57% of graduates are employed full-time
  • 27% of graduates are enrolling in/enrolled in graduate school or continuing education
  • 7% of graduates are employed part-time
  • 5% of graduates are seeking employment
  • 1% of graduates are participating in a volunteer or service program
  • Less than 1% of graduates are serving in the US Armed or Uniformed Services
  • Less than 1% of graduates are not seeing employment or continuing education at this time

Full-time Employment Timeline†

Of graduates who reported full-time employment:

  • 70% were employed upon graduation
  • 86% were employed within 3 months of graduation
  • 99% were employed within 6 months of graduation
  • 100% were employed within 12 months of graduation

Average Full-time Salaries‡

  • Bachelors degree recipients: $34,900
  • Masters degree recipients: $55,260
  • Doctorate degree recipients: $56,600

*Post-graduation status is only representative of those who completed the First Destination Survey, and may not be generalizable to all degree recipients.
The timeline for full-time employment varies by alumni; results from the First Destination Survey many not be generalizable to all degree recipients.
Average full-time salaries vary by degree, degree level, years of experience, job classification, and company/organization, and my not be generalizable to all degree recipients.