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First Destination Survey Launched

January 8, 2018

In December 2017, the University of Louisville Career Development Center (CDC) launched its First Destination Alumni Survey for the December 2016, May 2017, and August 2017 graduating classes. The survey was distributed via email addresses provided to the university by graduating students, and the results of this survey will allow the CDC to have more strategic and in-depth conversations with incoming, current, and graduating students about what our graduates are doing in their first position after leaving UofL.

The survey intends to collect the following type of information:

  • Employment status.
  • Salary and first-year bonuses.
  • Employer and job title.
  • Location of first position.
  • Graduate and professional school enrollment.
  • Internship and experiential learning experiences.
  • Use of Career Development Center Services.
  • General demographics.

The results of this survey will all for strategic follow-up with alumni still seeking employment. 

"I am very excited to have worked along side colleagues in Career Services from other institutions, as well as staff from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness here at the University of Louisville," said Assistant Director of Career Engagement, Josh McKee, adding, "This survey will allow us to paint a picture of our graduates upon and past graduation to students, parents, alumni, faculty, and employers."

In the past, the Career Development Center has partnered with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) to better understand where our graduates work and continue their education after graduation from UofL. In prior years, the CDC and IE collected information from a variety of sources to learn more about the graduation trends of our graduating classes, and employment opportunities.


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