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Get an ID Card


Cardinal Card for  StudentsCardinal Cards are issued to students enrolled in the current semester.  Students must be registered in the current semester at least one day prior to getting a Cardinal Card.  

Fall semesters: We start issuing student cards on August 1.   Incoming freshman will receive their card during their summer orientation session.

Spring semester:  We start issuing cards on December 18 for students who are enrolled in classes for Spring 2014.  

What to Bring with You When Getting a New Card


Cardinal Card Brochure (pdf) 


Employee ID CardTemporary Staff ID CardCardinal Cards are issued to employees during their new employee orientation or while active on payroll.  Employees must be active on payroll at least one day prior to getting a Cardinal Card. 

What to Bring with You When Getting a New Card


Visiting patrons may purchase a Visitor Card from value port readers which are located throughout campus.  Visitor Cards allow patrons to participate in the same Cardinal Cash program that is extended to students and employees.  The cost of each visitor card is $2.00. 

When purchasing a visitor card from a value port reader please follow the instructions displayed on the machine carefully.  Visitor card purchases are non-refundable.

Visitor cards can be revalued online, at the Cardinal Card Office, or at any Value Port machine.


To print and copy on campus Departments may purchase a Department Copy Card at the Cardinal Card Office.  These cards allow departments to add funds into an online account which is restricted to printer and copier use.  

The cost of each card is $2.00. Department Copy Cards can be purchased and revalued with either a Department ProCard or a signed IUT.  Departments can also revalue Copy Cards online

If a Department Copy Card is ever lost or stolen, the Campus Card Office should be contacted to place a hold on an account to prohibit purchases.  If a card is not reported lost or stolen, departments are responsible for all purchases made with their Department Copy Card. 

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