The University of Louisville has partnered with Academic Health Plans to provide a student insurance product. We strongly urge all students to consider purchasing major medical health insurance if currently uninsured.

Health Professionals - Students enrolled in MD, DMD, Dental Hygiene, RN (upper division), APRN, Audiology and Speech Pathology are required to have medical insurance.

International Students - All students with J1 or F1 Visas are required to purchase the student insurance policy.

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistants - All participate in the insurance as benefit of their employment.

All Other Students - non-international students meeting the following requirements are eligible to enroll voluntarily.  For a list of frequently asked questions please click on our FAQ.  

  • Undergraduate: taking six (6) or more credit hours* per semester.
  • Graduate: taking three (3) or more credit hours* per semester.
  • Co-op students.

* Home study, correspondence, and online courses DO NOT fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

To voluntarily enroll, visit and complete the enrollment form.   Once your application is completed and school enrollment is verified, the insurance charge is put your tuition account. 

For additional questions or information please contact the Student Insurance Advocate   


*Spring premium includes coverage for summer


 An approved waiver must be on file for each current semester in order for the major medical fee to be removed from the student's account.