Health Professional Students

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement

All students enrolled in the MD, DMD, upper division Dental Hygiene and Registered Nurses, ARNP, and the Audiology & Speech Pathology programs are required to have major medical insurance.  You may waive the major medical insurance provided by Academic Health Plans, with claims paid by Anthem, with proof of similar coverage.

Health Professional Students can waive the major medical insurance if the insurance they present is considered comparable to the Academic Health Plan policy.

The following health plans will not be accepted for the waiver of the major medical fee.

  • Travel Plans such as;
    • Travel Guard
    • Allianz Global Assistance
    • Global
    • Seven Corners
    • Amex Assurance
    • Travelex
  • Any of the health sharing plans where a group of people take on health care costs from a pool of money that is given each month by the members of the plan. This is not a major medical insurance plan. Such as;
    • Liberty Health Share
    • Medi-Share
    • Altrua Health Share
    • Christian Health Share
    • Samaritan Ministries
    • Christian Healthcare Ministries
    • CMF CURO
    • Solidarity
    • Or any plans that share the cost of medical expenses with a group.

  • Any out of state Medicaid’s or any State based coverage plans other than Kentucky, will not be accepted for waivers. These plans are only for the state they are from and can only be used at a Hospital on an emergency basis.
  • Short-term Medical Plans

The Academic Health Plan Auditor will update the waiver with the appropriate status based on the compliance of the waiver submission.

Waiver information will be sent to your UofL e-mail account from Academic Health Plans (AHP) giving you details on how to enroll or waive the medical insurance. The e-mail will be sent out starting mid-July for the Fall semester.  You cannot submit a waiver prior to receiving this e-mail.

If you need to make a change to your Fall semester choice of accepting or waiving the insurance, contact Academic Health Plans at or 1-855-850-4191.

Health Professional Health Fee

All students enrolled in the MD, DMD, upper division Dental Hygiene and Registered Nurses, ARNP, and the Audiology & Speech Pathology, and Public Health programs are required to pay a Professional Health Fee.  The Professional Health Fee is $52.50 per semester.

The fee provides:

  • Unlimited routine office visits for health maintenance, physicals, blood pressure checks
  • Gynecological exams (does not cover outside laboratory charges)
  • Medical office visits for  illnesses
  • Allergy injections
  • Phlebotomy services (lab and x-ray fees are paid by patient or patient insurance)
  • In-office lab tests such as strep, flu, pregnancy, urinalysis
  • Annual surveillance TB skin testing and influenza immunizations
  • Post-exposure evaluation, and testing for exposures to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C including prophylactic medications when prescribed by the health service for up to thirty days